An Ode to My Parents and Some Very Special Friends

An ode to my parents (you definitely know who you are!) and some very special friends (and I can only hope that you know who you are!). This is a big shout out to you guys to say thank you. Thank you for having made this time with Nico such an amazing experience so far. For being there for us, for supporting us, for loving and accepting us, for allowing me to make my dreams come true (beware: more dreams to come ;-)!).

Without you, my love and passion for my son surely would not be any less, but you have definitely made it possible that our life together has been such an amazing ride and wonderful fulfilling adventure. We’ve had the opportunity to truly bond, to discover an astonishing number of foreign countries – and all of this with a total peace of mind. I don’t want to imagine how our life would be without you special people at our side and in the background. Not everyone is this lucky in their life – I am proud and happy to have you in both of ours. We love you! Thank you.



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2 Antworten zu An Ode to My Parents and Some Very Special Friends

  1. Jose schreibt:

    I could not imagine it any other way.🙂 More mountains to climb, more lakes to swim, more countries to visit, more rainbows to follow until we fulfill every dream.

  2. larguinson schreibt:

    My only hope is to keep sharing the path besides you two while you discover the rest of the world.

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